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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Info on Your Blog

Hi Jimmy:

I just wanted to post this to show you your new blog where you can post thoughts, information, gig dates, pics and video, or whatever you want.

This was a big part of the delay in working on the site, because as I think I'd mentioned to you, Blogger, which is owned by Google, made some big changes recently to how users set up pages after almost 10 years of having the same basic format.

Anyway, I'll be sending you a link via email so that you're a registered blogger on the site and at that point you can begin posting here. I'll be deleting all my posts, when you're log on, so it'll be a clean slate for you.

Hope you like it. If you'd like some aspect of it changed, let me know and I'll see if it can be done!

Thanks for your patience.


P.S. I want to ask you about a couple of other aspects of the site, before I put the entire thing up. I'll try and give you a call Sunday afternoon, if that's a good time. Let me know.